DSC_7248 (Custom)
DSC_7255 (Custom)
DSC_7259 (Custom)
DSC_7261 (Custom)
DSC_7263 (Custom)
DSC_7269 (Custom)
DSC_7270 (Custom)
DSC_7272 (Custom)
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DSC_7640 (Custom)
DSC_7642 (Custom)
DSC_7645 (Custom)
DSC_7646 (Custom)
DSC_7651 (Custom)
DSC_7652 (Custom)
DSC_7653 (Custom)
DSC_7656 (Custom)
DSC_7657 (Custom)
DSC_7658 (Custom)
DSC_7667 (Custom)
HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Burton Lazars 2022

These photos, taken by the Event Photographer, Eden Harrold, have been resized to allow for better viewing on-line.  If you would like a copy of any the original photos, please let me know, quoting the DSC_ number, and I can send it to you by email. 
Ian Pengelly

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