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News Update from The Village Hall
Burton Lazars Village Hall


We are sorry to announce that following the latest Government National Lockdown regulations under Tier 3, the Village Hall will be closed for all activities until further notice, and it is now unlikely to open again before Christmas/New Year.

We are of course eager to get things moving again as soon as possible in 2021, with a return of User Group activities, our regular Coffee Mornings, Pub Nights, Sunday Lunches, Quiz Nights and Fish and Chip Suppers.  However this will have to wait until the situation becomes safer, and things return to a more acceptable 'normal'. 

So Keep Safe, maintain social distancing rules, wear a mask where necessary, get vaccinated when available  - and this will come sooner rather than laterAs soon as we hear of any changes or relaxation of the rules you will be informed.

Many thanks for your patience in this difficult situation

Burton Lazars Lottery
Winners of the Burton Lazars Lottery for 2020 are as follows:

£100   No.115  Jim Boyland, New Rd
£ 50    No. 43   Robin Jones,  Norfork Dr

£100   No.183   Graham Madeley, Warwick Drive
£ 50    No   97    Rolland Durrance, Child Cl

£100   No. 117  Wayne and Louise Hickling, New Rd
£ 50    No. 89     Adrian March, c/o New Rd

£100   No.114   Bob & Gill McCord, Melton Rd
£ 50    No.106   Siena & Zara Brown, Cross :Ln

£100   No 10     Barbara Gill, Lime St
£ 50    No.13     Mary & Ian Chappell, Cross Lane

£100    No.47     Janet King, Racecourse Lane 
£ 50     No. 78    Paddy Knapp, Cross Lane

£100    No.72     Marjorie Shaw, Framland Dr, MM
£ 50     No. 127  Garth Kirk,  New Road

£100    No.87      Bob & Gill McCord, Melton Rd
£ 50     No. 141   Garth Kirk, New Road

£100    No. 11     Brenda Hall, Browning Cl, MM
£ 50     No.  74    Ian & Renia Rushin, Cross Lane

£100    No. 158   Kay Bell, Barnards Cl
£ 50     No.  62     Alistair & Linda Ewart, Peppers Lane

£100    No. 144  Mike and Sarah Walker, Melton Rd
£ 50     No.  190  Joyce Hazard, Cross Lane

£100    No.  99      Betty Giddens, Marteg Cl
£ 50     No.  140    Margaret Cox, Sussex Ave

Special Christmas Bonus Prize
£100    No. 191     Joyce Hazard, Cross Lane

Lottery 2021
The Lottery will continue for 2021, and application forms have been distributed around the village already. Remember you can buy as many tickets as you like.

If you haven't got an application form yet, and want to join in, you can download and print one here.  Applications must be received before the end of January 2021 to be included in the January draw.

A Happy New Year to you all and a special warm welcome to all the new arrivals in Burton Lazars. In ”normal” times, we have enjoyed a very active community life in the Village.  However this has been severely curtailed in recent months due to Covid-19, but we are all eagerly awaiting the time when we can resume again.

In the meantime, a few ways to keep communications going are:

    1. The regular newsletter, sent out by email to over 200 recipients , giving the latest news in the village and surrounding area, including any events coming up in the Hall or the Church.  If you would like to be included on the circulation list please let me know by email to

   2.  A Village website at  This also shows contact details for Village Hall members should you need them.

   3.  An active village Facebook page, called Burton Lazars Village Life at will help you to keep up to date with the latest news and chat. Lots of information, and ability to post questions, and get prompt answers.

    4. The Village Lottery . Each year we hold 12 draws, with prizes of £100 and £50 each month to the lucky winners. The annual cost is £25, and any excess funds received over the prize money are used for improvements to the Village Hall.Application forms for the 2021 Lottery can be downloaded from

Zoom Quiz Night
In the past we have organised an annual Village Hall Quiz Night with a Fish & Chip Supper.  The one scheduled for March 2020 had to be cancelled due to the first lockdown.  However we are now giving consideration to a slimmed down ‘Zoom’ version, with household teams - if sufficient people are interested.  There are several systems we could use - but Zoom seems to be the easiest  one that most people could easily use. You don't need to download any software - just click the link on an email which would be sent to you.

If you think that this is a good idea, please let me know, and if we get a good response, I’ll see what can be arranged. This could be a fun, family evening, which would last about an hour - but I’m afraid I can’t organise the Fish and Chip Supper!

Ian Pengelly
1 Child Close, Burton Lazars
Tel: 01664 668095